Instant Gratification, Delayed Regret

The other day Tim and I decided to get pedicures together.  Now, this is not something that Tim was thrilled about doing.  To him, pedicures are something that women do, not men. It's too girly for men to do.  It's not masculine enough for him. But, he is an amazing man who wants to make… Continue reading Instant Gratification, Delayed Regret

Set-Up For Success

The other day I had a conversation with someone who told me about a situation with her children.  Long story short, her children forgot to call their father and wish him a happy birthday. The next day their stepmother sent them a nasty text telling them: how disgraceful they arehow badly they treat their fatherhow… Continue reading Set-Up For Success

From Sh*t Can Grow A Beautiful Rose

Tim is laying on the compliments today, but Jamie deserves every single one. The couple is thrilled with the ride they’re on and are expecting great things. Today we’re talking about taking the hard road vs easy street. Are you doing all you can to improve your health, relationships or business? Are you coasting on good when you could be working at great? Tim and Jamie share their experiences while enjoying the view from their road of choice.